Welcome to Friends For Life Dog Training where we celebrate the power of positive training.
We are currently offering consultations and behavior modification for aggression related behavior issues.  We believe that aggression has many different reasons for existing and only use positive based training methods to help your dog overcome their fears of other dogs and humans.  We do not use shock collars, prong collars or any other aversive types of equipment while working with you and your dog. To schedule a consultation at your home please call us at 541-350-2869 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We also offer phone consultations for out of our coverage area.
We will also be offering dog walking as another service.  We are working out the logistics of this service and will have more details soon.  In the mean time if you need your dogs walked in a safe positive environment please call me at 541-350-2869 to schedule a fun walk with your dog. If your dog is reactive to other dogs or humans a consultation will need to happen first to come up with a plan to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable walk.  


  Our mission from the very beginning of opening our businesss is to provide a safe and positive environment for both our clients and thier dogs by using positive reinforcement, non aversive methods to teach new behaviors and to modify problem behaviors.  Please read this great article on the fallout of using punishment based training methods. Why Punishment Should be Avoided | VCA Animal Hospital (vcahospitals.com)

We strongly do not approve of using physical force or intimidation to work with dogs in our care and do not allow the use of prong collars, shock collars (E-collars), choke chains or other tools that cause pain to dogs and we do not allow them in our classes or building. We ask that you respect that decision.  We strongly believe that the use of punishment has long lasting effects on both dogs and people and the use of positive reward based training is both more enjoyable for the dogs and our clients.  We also love being the change and love being able to help our clients learn new effective postive training methods to work with their dogs. We hope you enjoy your experience with us and that you learn safe and effective training methods that last the life of your canine companions. There is no such thing as a bad dog only a dog that needs are not being met.



    We are Professional Certified Dog Trainers with many years of experience and are strongly committed to continuing education in the field of dog behavior and training by attending many seminars and workshops throughout the year.