Professional Dog Trainer Dennis Fehling’s Biography

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Professional Dog TrainerI am a Nationally Certified Professional  Dog Trainer CPDT.  The CPDT certification is the most recognized and respected dog training certification worldwide requiring over 300 hours of training and handling experience, a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian as well as a fellow trainer and student.  As a CPDT I am also required to continue my education through attending seminars and workshops that focus on behavior and training. I just recently became one of the first certified BAT or Behavior Adjustment Training Instructors in the world Certified by the founder of Bat Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT(KA) CTP and the first male to hold that title  I am fully dedicated to helping you and your canine companion enjoy a lifelong relationship built on trust and positive communication. I have many years of experience teaching clients and their dog’s positive training methods that work. I started training dogs at a very young age learning from my dad who in my opinion was way ahead of his time as far as positive training methods.  He taught me to respect all animals and to use only positive methods to teach our dogs. At a pretty young age I also developed a love and respect for wolves and wolf dogs and rescued our first wolf dog from a rescue group in Clatskanie Oregon.  Since then, well over thirty years and four other wolf dogs later my love for wolves and wolf dogs still is as strong as it was when I was a child.

I also spent over twenty years in the Aircraft Industry as a master straightener.  I was responsible for making sure that aircraft castings were ready to fit on the airplane. This taught me to be a very creative problem solver. I also served in the United States Army as an infantry soldier with 8 years of service. After leaving the aircraft industry I started a successful window cleaning service and am proud of the fact that I never had a customer call me back for a dirty window. I knew that I had to get back to what I really love to do which is training dogs. For the past ten years I have been dedicated to learning as much about dog and animal behavior as I possibly can and by learning from the best in the field of dog training.  I graduated from Animal Behavior College, a very rigorous dog training program that teaches all aspects of dog training and behavior.  I also am a Guild Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner and one of a very few men in this field of gentle positive training. I attend many seminars and workshops throughout the year to keep up to date on the latest in positive dog training. I live with my wife Pam who is also a dog trainer in beautiful Central Oregon with our six rescue dogs, Meika, Joey, Flash, Snickers, Pawsey and Cole. 

I am also very proud to be a mentor trainer for the Animal behavior College.  This gives me the opportunity to mentor the next generation of upcomng trainers to continue the message of positive reinforcement science based training.