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What makes good training so effective

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Great relationships
  3. Knowledgeable team
  4. Clear goasl
  5. Communication
  6. Good timing
  7. Lack of punishment
  8. Compassion for the learners both animals and their humans

 Kathy Minta and her dog bobby and her newly adopted dog After our work with Dennis, Bobby and I were highly inspired, encouraged and excited about learning more. We use TTouch and the other training methods daily. My husband Steve cannot believe the transformation that has occurred and our friends and family have commented on how wonderful Bobby is to be around. Bobby sits up and bats his eyes at all of the compliments he receives.
Kathy and Bobby Minta
Newport, Oregon


You working with Brianna was so kind and taught her (and myself), so much. It really cleared things up for her. She used to cry and get upset when Gambit would get hyper and upset….she now just kind of engulfs him in a nice quiet calm. And the results are amazing!
Coral Miller
Sequim Washington


Dear Dennis, I can't thank you enough for the difference that has been achieved in Marley's behavior due to your training.  Everyday used to be a struggle to get the lab to calm down and not be out of control. Now, Marley is comfortable in his own skin.  I can take him for a walk without him pulling on his leash.  He no longer bolts the door to get outside and he didn't jump on a visitor for the first time!  He wouldn't let me touch his front legs, but I can now brush him all over and he looks forward to it. Your handouts and music have all been instrumental in given additional support to the training sessions.  You have been available by phone and have always thought of the happiness of the dog (which contributes to my happiness) in your recommendations. I highly recommend you as a professional dog trainer and would love to be used as a reference, if you like.
Marguerite Michas



My thanks to Dennis of Friends For Life Dog Training for introducing the Thunder Shirt to me. My 1 1/2 year old Pit Bull Terrier, Aspen,
has been fearful since she was 5 months old and is now finally making progress towards becoming a balanced and more confident dog. For the first time since she was a puppy I can take Aspen in public without her shaking uncontrollably if she is wearing the Thunder Shirt.
Jerleen Bryant
All For Dogs Rescue
of Central Oregon



Sheba and I have been joining Dennis' training sessions since Sheba came home from the Humane Society and we started with puppy classes. Sheba gets so excited when she sees we're going to the facility. Dennis is so patient with both dogs and humans and he is always willing to change up the class or session to meet the needs of the dog, be it getting the dog's attention or giving them something more challenging to do. We enjoy our training sessions. I thank Dennis for helping Sheba become a fantastic dog and me to become a better friend and partner to her.
Jeanne Lorenz and Sheba



Friends for life dog training changed almost everything I thought I knew about training a dog. Beginning with my first visit to a community resource training I was impressed with the knowledge Dennis And Pam share with anyone willing to invest time into training a dog to be a forever friend. I just can't say enough about friends for life dog training and would recommend them to anyone who values and takes pride in owning a well mannered and loyal pet trained with compassion
Nancy Horn and Joe
Bend resident



July 22, 2011
Dear Dennis, I wanted to write you a note and let you know how much I appreciate you and the classes that I have taken through Friends for Life Dog Training. I got Finn a couple years ago to be a companion to my Husky who was not recovering well from the loss of my other dog. Finn was a couple years old, had lots of energy and was very aggressive on the leash. I took him to several other dog obedience courses and was not able to get him under control. I was frustrated and feeling incapable of handling him. Then I found out about the class you were offering for dogs with aggression problems. I signed up. The first day I came I felt a sense of relief and knew that I was going to get the help I needed. Over the course of several months, through your expertise and sincere caring and compassion for animals and people I have learned positive skills to manage my dog. The process not only has changed my relationship with Finn but given me opportunities to go places and do things with my dog I did not think were possible. I am sincerely grateful for the extra time and consideration that you have given to me and my Finny. The classes that I took and continue to take have been fun, interesting and extremely helpful. I appreciate the sense of community that you create and sensitivity and attention to individual needs and goals. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with you and your training. I am impressed by your knowledge and love how you make classes fun and interesting. Finn and I thoroughly enjoy coming to class each week and look forward to learning new skills and having fun. See you soon.
Thank you so much.

Willow and Finn



I adopted Jager, my black lab, about 8 or so months before taking him to see Dennis. It had been some trying times as he was my first large and rambunctious dog, and I chose to enroll in a Basic Manners class because I felt that anything where he and I worked together would help our bond grow. He had many issues I wanted to work on, but the underlying one was that he didn’t seem to listen to me and this permeated our entire relationship. After 8 classes with Dennis, it is amazing how much he has transformed. He’s not perfect of course, but he’s as close to it as I think he’s going to get. Dennis taught me the skills I neede—as an inexperienced dog owner—to find a way to communicate successfully with Jager and without using punishment, fear or physically aggressive techniques to do so. Though his selective listening was my biggest concern, we also worked on some skills that have proved extremely useful. It is SO nice to have a dog I can take to the coast or hiking in the woods and let him off leash, knowing he will actually come back when called! Also, working on his leash walking has made walks around town much more pleasant, and learning how to teach Jager some necessary social skills like patience and rewarding him for his good behavior around other canines has proved invaluable. Jager and I both thank Dennis from the bottom of our human and canine hearts for his time and dedication to his work that has helped cultivate our relationship from one of ongoing frustration, (probably on both our parts), to a more balanced one with mutual respect and affection. Before we worked with Dennis I think I felt Jager was a bit of a burden, even if I wouldn't admit it, but now I can say it is truly a pleasure to be a dog owner!
Jenelle Eager



Mike and Candy with MaximillianMaximilian and I have learned so much with the help of Dennis & Pam. Their knowledge on how to handle and teach a dog correctly is invaluable, for sure !!! ... My husband, Maximilian and I are so very Thankful we have people like Dennis and Pam that are willing to pass on what they know to us novices ... as we need all the help we can get !  ... This is the first time we've had a German Shepherd, and believe you me I can't express how priceless Pam and Dennis's help and training has been for me. Thank you guys and I'll see you next class. Candy & Mike Bouvia ( very happy customers) PS .. Thank you Dennis for pointing out why Max would not sit for me ... I was "yelling" at him to sit ... all I needed to do is ask him nicely !!! Too funny

Candy and Mike Bouvia




Friends for life dog training and it's owner, Dennis Fehling has provided the best dog training I have ever Experienced. I am training my third dog and the first adopted adult dog. She came to me having never been socialized as a puppy and at two years old was afraid of other people and animals. In one month of training with Dennis, she was wagging her tail at strangers, greeting other dogs without being afraid: a much more confident dog. After five months of classes with Friends for life dog training, she passed her Canine Good Citizens class!! We continue to take classes from Dennis and recommend his training school to everyone we know with a dog. Thanks Dennis!!

Diane and Ray Anderson, and Beaches ( 2 year old Yellow Lab)




Dennis, just wanted to give you an update. Skye was like another dog yesterday after training. Much more relaxed. It was like she needed to be shown how to calm down and see that it was ok. Incredible difference. Went out and got a couple more Kongs and filled them up with stuff so hopefully she'll have more stimulation today. Its great to see her like this. Looking forward to more. Thanks. Lauri Turner



Tug BaileyI have a 10 month old male Bull Terrier who is very shy and timid around people, even though he has been very well socialized. I had heard about the Tundershirt from my trainer Dennis Fehling and I was very skeptical. Last week, I took my dog into the pet store and the man that was helping me could not get within 4 feet of my dog. My dog was hiding behind me with his tail between his legs. The guy convinced me to try the Thundershirt on my dog. The moment I put it on him, he went to the guy and allowed him to pet him. The Tundershirt has worked miracles on on my dog! The same people that he always barked at and hid from, he was now walking up to them wagging his tail! I took him to basic manners class with Dennis and Pam the next week, with his shirt on, and my trainers couldn't believe it was the same dog. The shirt has given my dog the confidence that he was lacking. You can look in his eyes when he has the shirt on and see that he is a happier, calmer and more content dog. When riding in the car he is no longer anxious and standing up and pacing. He now lays down and sleeps. I am a believer in the power of the Tundershirt! I now have a completely different dog who lets his personality shine! Tug Bailey passed away at the very young age of just over a year old from cancer.  we will all miss you Mr tug Bailey.  we loved having you in class...........Dennis and Pam

Kendyl Hanning and Mr Tug Bailey.


I came to Dennis for help with my reactive border collie, on the recommendation of a fellow agility student. I had gotten my dog as a trail riding buddy, as well as for agility. As he matured he would lunge, bark, and try to bite the legs of my horses. This reaction also happened in the car with motorcycles, joggers, bikers, etc. I was afraid for his life if I did not do something about this. Dennis immediately impressed me at our first meeting by thoroughly interviewing me, and interacting and observing my dog. He shared his significant knowledge, tips, and support, but most importantly he was genuinely interested in helping my dog and I succeed. Every training session we have had has been an improvement to my timing and handling skills, and my dog is learning how to cope with his triggers. He is a calmer, more confident dog. By showing him other ways of dealing with his stress that are acceptable behaviors (sniffing, digging, or simply walking away) I believe THAT is training. You are your dogs advocate. Do the work!

Ann an Lefty








We highly recommend Dennis and Friends for Life Dog Training to anyone wanting basic, advanced, or issue related dog training. We had some real concerns with our much loved adolescent male and Dennis helped us to work through them with patience, caring, studied and natural expertise. One month after we started working with Dennis issues were resolving and it was a night and day difference! He always approached our work together from a place of non-judgment and compassion and took the time to really understand the issues, us and our dog and then develop an approach that would best meet our needs adapting along the way for the best outcome. His commitment to positive based training was important to us and so respectful of the human-canine bond. We had felt that we were pretty knowledgeable about dogs but our previous experience was not helping us in our current situation. We learned so much and have changed our approach considerably in our ongoing work with our furry boy. We only wish that we had started out with Dennis when Auggie was a puppy. The level of value for dollars spent that Dennis provides is quite high. He is organized in his approach, thorough in his direction – always following up with carefully written summaries and reminders after each session and attentive to ongoing questions or concerns including providing compassionate emotional support along the way! I just can’t say enough about the gifts he brings to his work. We have now started working with Pam as well doing nose work with Auggie and are so pleased with her and her classes as well. Her classes are organized and easy to participate in. She adapts for the individuality of the different dogs in the class so all are successful and the class still flows well. Thank you Dennis and Pam for what you do! It is clear you love what you do and we love that we get to benefit from your work! Lois and Paul Vallerga Bend Oregon.





Rose, Hi Dennis: Rose and I – and of course Maggie - wanted to thank you again for a great experience in your Basic Manners class. We loved your enthusiasm and your attitude about dogs and how to train and interact with them. The class not only helped us train Maggie, but to bond with her as well. We really learned a lot, and most importantly, they’re lessons that can be used everyday, in real-world situations. I mentioned that we deal periodically with Golden Bond Rescue. They’re located in the Portland area, so they know trainers over there, but don’t know good trainers over in this area that they can feel comfortable recommending to their foster families and new adopters on this side of the mountain. When they heard we were taking a class from you, one of their senior adoption coordinators asked if we’d report back on our impressions of the class. I wanted to share with you what I told them: I wanted to take a moment to follow up with you concerning the dog training.

Rose and Maggie and I just finished up the “Basic Manners” class on Tuesday, and I’m happy to report that it was a very positive experience! Dennis, the trainer, was wonderful with both the dogs and the people. To say that the class focuses on positive reinforcement is an understatement – that’s Dennis’s entire philosophy, and he makes it clear from day one. The class is seven weeks long, once a week, and week one is people only, no dogs. That class is 2 hours, and it’s basically an introduction to what you’re going to be doing, his teaching methods, how dogs learn, etc. He explains that if you’re there to learn how to punish your dog when he does the wrong thing or how to jerk him around on a leash, then you’re in the wrong class! (loved that!!) He doesn’t collect the money for the class until the end of that intro, so if you don’t like his philosophy, you don’t have to sign up, another thing I liked. After that, the classes are once a week, 1 – 1-1/2 hours each, held indoors. You learn all the basics, and you use a lot of treats for motivation and reward. One week he even has a small agility course set up to help bonding and build confidence, which was a lot of fun. He limits the class size to 5 dogs and he has an assistant, so you get a lot of personal attention. The whole thing was $135, which I thought was very reasonable. Anyway, thanks again for a great class, and please give our best to Andrea as well – she’s a real gem, and was a definite asset to the class! Best wishes, Paul


" Dennis Fehling has been a team leader for two of my advanced Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) courses for dog aggression, frustration and fear. That means he helped us teach other trainers how to use this technique. I appreciate Dennis’s sense of humor and his eye for the stress level of a dog. He and his students have a good time training, setting the dogs up for success. I highly recommend Dennis! "

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT KA, KPA CTP,  Founder of BAT ( Behavior adjustment training)



Dennis, just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate you - and your assistant Sarah! We attended our first "Basic Manners Class" for juveniles, and learned SO much, and so many tips. As Teresa said in our "graduation" class last night - it's so valuable that you are really teaching the owners - and thru us, our dogs. Your approach is so positive, helps make training fun for everyone, and the results are amazing! Additional work and tips to help polish and instill skills. Looking forward to the next class! Sharyl and Barney in Sisters, OR



We loved getting our whole family involved with learning how to give our dog an awesome life with lots of love! We highly recommend ANY training and classes.

Andrea Hall and family



Friends for Life Dog Training is the best! I highly recommend all of their classes. Dennis and Pam (plus all of their assistants!) are so patient, passionate about dogs and training and are an incredible wealth of information. Their positive approach to training is SO awesome. We attended puppy class and basic manners with our new Bernese Mountain dog and he is doing great!

Lindsay Bucafirni.


These folks truly care about your animal. They treat them as your own child. Very patient and understanding with dogs. A full recommendation from me. Thank you for saving my life!!! Tommy Imholdt Battle Buddy Student.


Friends for Life dog training was instrumental in getting Rosie and I off to a fantastic start.  I learned about how dogs learn; how dogs view the world; and canine body language.  This helped me understand Rosie’s world from her point of view and really helped me communicate with her. 

Sheryl and Rosie


I wanted to share with you what happen the other night with Lemon. 
I went out to feed my horses, later then I normally do so it was very dark. I never carry a flash light or headlamp because there is a light in the barn. And I'm trying to tell myself I'm not scared of the dark the way I was when I was a child. Anyways, while I feed, Lemon runs around eating all the horse poop she can. I never worry because she has a very good recall. As I'm diligently break up hay flakes I hear Lemon bark. Now this is unusual. Lemon is not vocal unless she is unsure of a situation. The next thing I hear is jingling of tags on a dog's collar. Lemon doesn't wear a collar at home. It must be the neighbors dogs, which I know little about other than they travel in a pack of 3 to 4. I immediately freak out. I shoot out of the barn into the blackest of night, to find nothing -because I don't have a freaking flashlight! The neighbors dogs are definitely on our property because one starts to bark at me. I have no clue where Lemon is, all I can hear is barking and dog paws dancing on the ground. At this point I'm about really to scream Lemon's name while swinging a pick fork near the noise. Fortunately better judgment grabs ahold of me and reminds me of all our training. Instead of crazy, I simply holler "Lemon touch". Within a few seconds I feel a wet nose on my hand. Yep I carry treats and she got all of them! 
It may not sound earth shattering, but that moment of not knowing where Lemon was or what was happening was extremely scary. It's reassuring to feel that even in a less than ideal situation, Lemon will use her brain and do what she has been taught. 
So thank you Friends for life dog training. I know without the amazing foundation we received through your classes, this story could have had a very different ending. 
Love, Krissy Hilmes and Lemon (Wedge)
When I first got Koda, and 18 month old German Shepherd, he’d had very little training or exercise. I found out quick that he is an extremely intelligent, high energy dog.
It seemed at first that all my work with him was falling on deaf ears. I took him for a long hike every day to wear off his energy. 

Within a few weeks of taking Dennis’s class in Basic Manners Koda started to blossom. He went from a dog that drug me til my hands were red to leading quietly on a loose leash. He has always been over interested in other dogs and pulled on the leash to get to them. Now the “This way” command gets his attention and he forgets the dog. He’s learned to not chase chickens or livestock with the simple and positive training commands. 
I’m forever grateful for Dennis’s training methods and for him telling me about this beautiful German Shepherd that needed a home. Koda has turned into an incredible dog.

Sharon and Koda..


Dennis, just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate you - and your assistant Sarah! We attended our first "Basic Manners Class" for juveniles, and learned SO much, and so many tips. As Teresa said in our "graduation" class last night - it's so valuable that you are really teaching the owners - and thru us, our dogs. Your approach is so positive, helps make training fun for everyone, and the results are amazing! Additional work and tips to help polish and instill skills. Looking forward to the next class! Sharyl and Barney in Sisters, OR


Dennis & Sarah truly care about the dogs. They are so patient with human and dogs. They truly know how to teach. Thanks to both of you.  Shea Schierling


We loved getting our whole family involved with learning how to give our dog an awesome life with lots of love! We highly recommend ANY training and classes.  Andrea Hall and Family



Dennis performed a miracle with our dogs. We were told there was little hope that our dogs would ever get along by a highly recommended animal behaviorist. Dennis and Pam showed our girls that they could trust each other again and live out their days with us. We are forever grateful!!!  Heidi Rather and Family and their dogs Daisy and Lilly.


I highly recommend Friends For Life Dog Training! I can tell the advice that Dennis and his team gives, comes from a long history of experience with so many dogs, and true love for the canine species. Before I signed up for classes Dennis took the time to ask me questions about my pup and he's always answered my questions with helpful advice. We've been to four training classes with my labrador puppy and will continue to take group classes or private training as needed. We've had so many good lessons from attending the classes. There is so much conflicting information about dog training on the internet and it's good to have a trustworthy teacher to rely on for advice. All of the things we've learned with Friends for Life are consistent and really make sense. As we've entered the puppy teenager phase, I'm noticing better behavior and I'm able to establish good habits, though my puppy's energy level, and needs are changing. We're looking forward to more success with our pup as he grows thanks to this team. I have a lot of gratitude to Friends for Life and I highly recommend them!
From Seth Nikkel and Orca.  Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran.  Photo below is Seth's son and Orca
Dennis, I want to thank you again for teaching Orca and I. I not only learned a lot of practical things with her, but you tolerating my questions on how dogs think made it interesting for me. She is doing wonderfully as part of our family.

I’ve sent people your way every chance I get.
Seth Nikkell.

The puppy classes really helped our dog Misha with her socialization, and to to do well as an adult, when we have her out and about in public.

Renee Price, Redmond Oregon



Highly profesional and competent Central Oregon dog trainer. Our dog, Roo, loved him and his class. Has been in busines for many years and is highly respected by the 1000s of doggies and owners who have attended his classes.

Sandy and Roo, Redmond Oregon


I do not live in Redmond, Oregon but my sister does. She speaks so highly of Dennis and his ablility to work with her troubled dog. She recommends Dennis and because I know her dogs are part of her family and would not take them to just anyone, I Hight Recommend!

Sharon Norman of Norman Health Systems


Dennis and His wife Pam are masters at teaching us how to work with our dogs. My dogs is so well trained now I have been able to use the tools I learned to work with our other dogs.Thank you!!

Sarah Vincent

Soul Purpose, Redmond Oregon


My absolute favorite dog training business in all of Central Oregon....Dennis is awesome and can help with any problems your dog may be having too...he is a certified Trainer as well as being the best of the best dog trainers and his puppy classes are a must do for all puppies to get the very best start in life!

Kim Kahl, Duke Warner Reality.  Bend Oregon

Dennis and his wife were of great help with training our new dog. We were very new to owning a dog and Dennis was really reassuring, structured, and positive in his training with not only our dog, but with us as new owners. Dennis was easy to work with and had a great sense of humor with the participants.

Madras Oregon client,


One of the best trainers I know.

Ute Luperts.  Pets point of view Portland Oregon


Dennis and Pam are amazing and train with compassion <3

Mcrieb Consultants, Bend Oregon


An unbelievable dedication to each and every dog! We learned incredibly valuable techniques with our dog, and still use them today. 

Kevin, Bend Oregon


Dear Dennis,
Thank you so much for all your effort helping us know how to train Kiger. You are so patient with us and our lovable ball of energy. I am impressed by the breadth and depth of your knowledge of what we can do to help Kiger calm down when he is with other dogs and when we are walking him. The video on walking in circles has really helped him not tug when we walk, and your idea of playing "Find it" on the other side of the road while walking past barking dogs behind their fence worked so well. I was truly amazed!  Also, thank you for the fun evening of agility training. Kiger (and I) just loved that, and we noticed all the individual attention you gave to all the dogs based on their needs. We are very grateful. Sincerely, Linda and Ralph 


I want to give a shout out to Dennis. We met Dennis after we received a brand new puppy during Covid. I tried to socialize Hogie the best I could, but without people and other dogs, he developed many many triggers and it was very difficult for him to even go out the door of our house. I needed help! Fast forward: I found Dennis online. We had a two hour consultation as Dennis evaluated Hogi. I was amazed at what I saw. His knowledge was through the roof. I knew immediately we were in good hands. He is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. He has so many skills, techniques and games to help a client use with their pet that I have to write them down once I get home. He has a background of working with dogs who have a hard time. He is on time! Yes on time! Every time. He also does what he says. If he says he will send a link, he never fails and he has sent many. All Dennis thinks about is what is best for your dog. Hogie has changed 100%. He can still get into trouble.....he is a puppy still, but the improvements are astonishing. Thank you Dennis!! Debbie Osborn Currie and Mr Hogie

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature


Absolutely incredible experience so far. I have a chow chow puppy, and from the day I brought him home I was shocked by the amount of prejudice and breed bias people have toward him. By the time I signed up for this class, I was feeling incredibly defensive over my dog and wary of judgment. We saw absolutely none of that with Dennis and his crew. They treat my puppy and all the dogs in their class respect, love and a true understanding of canine nature. My shy pup took to Dennis immediately, and after only two classes his confidence around other people and dogs has already improved tenfold. For the first class my dog was nervous about the new environment and all of the other people and dogs, but the very next week when we showed up his tail started wagging as soon as we pulled up to the building and he was excited to go in and get to work (and earn some treats). I am impressed by the attention the trainers give each individual dog and their handlers, and how well they remember details about each client. We truly feel like our dog is important to them as an individual and they want to see him succeed. The positive training methods used by FFLDT are effective, science-based and humane. When I saw on their website that they didn’t allow shock collars, prong collars or choke chains in their building I knew we’d found a winner. I cannot rave enough about this service. Training opens doors for your dog to live a fuller, more active life by your side, and I couldn’t recommend anyone else to guide you through it. I will definitely sign up all of my future pups for this class.

Cedar Goslin and her Puppy Midas.


Hi Dennis,

I know we all said Thanks after the last class at Lowe’s; however I want to elaborate a bit.

Your professional and compassionate guidance was so appreciated.

From books, solution to add to water for dental health; support in switching veterinarians and recommendation of the Free of Fear clinics, calling back when Maya was “sick” and missed class, harness and MF leash suggestions~ and how to properly use. Attitude adjustment help when I was feeling a tiny bit defeated and transferring that to Maya.

And two things you said really stuck with me:  “Don’t take away their bark”, & “Have Fun!! with your dog”…they will be only be here a short time…(or similar words).

So again, Thank you!

Kate & Maya 🐾💕🐾


Good Morning, 


I have three Lentil success stories from the last 12 hours:


Thursday-Lentil had a HUGE win. George had the dogs at the Obsidian track which has a huge fenced field where Lentil chases birds to his heart’s content. A neighborhood dog got loose and one of the gates was open so he charged into the field. He ran right by Lentil who just stood and watched him and then casually trotted back to George. NO REACTION!!! YAY! 


Friday- I walked Lentil to the groomer for his 7:30 am (prior to other dogs’ arrival) appt. I stood in the yard of the groomer and did a very casual mark and move and back and forth, waited a couple of minutes after she unlocked her front door. I escorted him in and she was behind her desk and not a peep out of him. I gave her some of his training treats to use. She said that the dogs normally don’t take anything from them-I assured he that he was very food motivated (and he did take them). I left and came back at 9ish and waited and she brought out a VERY happy Lentil. She said he was totally non-reactive to the subsequent dogs who arrived at 8:30 and was very calm and relaxed during the grooming. Total success.


Friday after grooming- George and I took the trio to Obsidian to exercise us all. there was a Shepard in the other field so we avoided that part of the track. At one point, they both noticed each other and we called him and he would come back (with praise) and then turn around. He then couldn’t help himself and bounced and barked (not aggressive-more like let’s play) toward the Shepard who answered in kind-we called him and he immediately stopped and came back to us and that was it. He didn’t do his old rush barking his head off routine. I call it a win.


The training is working and we are so very thankful that you took us on!!


I do want to discuss the nose work classes and what the objective would be for Lentil to participate.


Have a great weekend-hope you get out on the water-it will be hot!


Thank you!
Barbara Tate