There is help for you and your dog without the use of punishment or dominance based training.

How do you know if you have a aggressive dog problem?


Dog aggression is almost always a normal behavior and is usually based on fear.  We shouldn’t look at aggressive behavior as being nasty or wrong. Abnormal canine behavior is often over diagnosed or misdiagnosed.  But when aggressive behavior starts to interfere with the relationship between the dog and the owner, other people, or other animals then it becomes a problem that has to be addressed.  Often when this happens most dogs with behavior problems are not just acting out or misbehaving, they are afraid or frustrated. 

There could be many underlying issues causing your dog’s aggressive/reactive behavior, under socialization when your dog was very young, a traumatic event, the wrong kind of training (punishment based) most often makes the problem much worse. There could be an underlying medical issue.  Unfortunately in most cases aggression escalates as the dog ages.  It is best to address aggression before it becomes a serious problem. 

Call 1-541-350-2869 or Contact Us  Private Dog Training Services, and for behavior solutions such as excessive barking, jumping, and aggression. Friends For Life Dog Training LLC where we celebrate the power of positive training!

 I use only positive based training methods to achieve great results, I do not use shock collars, prong collars, choke chains or scare tactics as this can only make your dog worse.  So often with punishment based training methods the behavior only gets suppressed only to resurface later on and usually much worse.  I have worked with many aggressive dogs with dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression, food aggression and many other not so nice behavior issues.  I am confident that I can help your dog see the world in a much better way through gentle positive training that works.

We start the process with a consultation with you and your dog in your home.  The consultation usually last about 2 hours.  We will discuss and identify the possible triggers( those environmental things that can be causing aggressive responses in your dog) We will discuss enrichment ideas to do while going through training for both you and your dog.  We will discuss possible medical issues that might be causing aggressive behavior and whenever possible work with your vet to address treatment plans.  We will also be discussing proven positive training methods to help both you and your dog and realistic solutions to your dogs aggression.

Pricing structure:

Initial consultation $175.00

Individual sessions $85.00

6 session package is $540.00




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