Basic Manners Dog Training Classes – Learn effective positive training methods and have fun at the same time with your dog.

Rose, Hi Dennis: Rose and I – and of course Maggie - wanted to thank you again for a great experience in your Basic Manners class. We loved your enthusiasm and your attitude about dogs and how to train and interact with them. The class not only helped us train Maggie, but to bond with her as well.

Paul and Rose BIanchina, Bend Oregon


  Please call 541-350-2869 to reserve your spot.  

The next manners classes will start: Please note that each date is for different dogs and different people and the course last for 7 weeks.

Please consider the commitment to this class before paying for the class.  The class is for 7 weeks and we cannot make any of the classes up as we have specific start and ending dates.  It is very important that you attend all of the classes to get the most out of the classes for you and your dog.  If you have to miss a class homework will be priovided.  If you miss two or more of the classes you will be dropped from the class.  Thank you for understanding.


November 21st at 5 pm.  This class will be taught by Jordanna Dietlan.  Contact her directly at 503-269-1337 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 30th at 1:30.  This class will be taught by Jordanna Dietlan.  Contact her directly at 503-269-1337 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 10th at 6 pm.  Please call to see if this class has open spots. Maximum 6 dogs per class.

December 13th at 6 pm.  Please call to see if this class has open spots. Maximum 6 dogs per class.

Before you sign up for the class please make sure you can commit to each class.  Each class builds on the next class so if you miss a class we cannot make it up as we have a specific start and end date.  


We do not advocate the use of choke chains, Prong Collars or Shock collars and do not allow them in our facility

Please note that this is a basic manners class and is not intended to solve serious behavior problems so please call before you register and pay for this class to make sure your dog is a good fit for this class.

Basic Manners Dog Training

Please read our cancellation policy below.


Cancellation policy.  Once you have signed up and paid for the class you have 7 days prior to the start of the class to cancel. After that no refunds will be given.  We understand things happen but in order for us serve our clients and their dogs to the best of our abilities we ask that commitment be honored. It is hard for us to fill the spot once a student has signed up for the class.  We need at least 7 days to try and fill the spot for the cancellation.   There are no exceptions.  This policy applies to all of our classes. 


What makes good training so effective

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Great relationships
  3. Knowledgeable team
  4. Clear goals
  5. Communication
  6. Good timing
  7. Lack of punishment
  8. Compassion for the learners both animals and their humans
  9. A safe environment freee from fear and Judgement
  10. A fun place for both dogs and thier humans




Train your dogs with Friends for Life dog training LLC positive training techniques that work. Your dog will love you for it! Sign up for our Basic Dog Manners 7 week Training Class for only $160.00.  

The cost of the class includes a 1 and 1/2 hour orientation before you start class with your dog, a manual and plenty of handouts.

Graduate from our Basic Puppy Manners Class and our Basic Dog Manners Class and receive a 10% lifetime discount at Friends For Life Dog Training including our popular Private Training Classes.

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Life Long Goals

1 Build effective relationships with your dogs based on effective inter-species communication, thus:

  • Increasing the bonds between owners and their dogs through positive dog training.
  • Avoiding the rise of unwanted behaviors and the use of punishment due to human misunderstanding of the needs, desires, and intentions of dogs.
  • Avoiding the rise or reinforcement of unwanted behaviors due to poor human to dog communication.
  • Unwanted behaviors such as dog to dog aggression, barking, dog separation anxiety, house training, destructive behavior, can all be eliminated though positive training methods and effective communication.

2 Choose a positive, problem solving approach when faced with new challenges or situations over their dog’s lifetime. In our opinion there is no such thing as a bad dog, just a dog that has not learned what is expected of them.

Course Goals

To support the Life Long Goals, every detail of this course is built around achieving the following course goals.

By the end of this course, students will know:

  • How Dogs Learn
    Understand how dogs learn by association (classical conditioning) and consequence (operant conditioning), and the implications of these learning modes for training and living with dogs.
  • Basic Needs
    Understand the basic physical and mental stimulation needs of dogs and how to provide for them.
  • Reinforcement & Motivation
    Understand what is reinforcing for their dog and be able to use this knowledge to effect positive training outcomes.
  • Handling and  Focus
    Be able to achieve and maintain control of dogs through safe, positive leash handling and positive methods of focusing dogs’ attention.
  • Situational Awareness
    Understand the importance of and learn to always be aware of one’s surroundings, and be ready to respond proactively as needed to keep dogs and humans safe and comfortable.
  • Work at the Dog’s Level
    Understand the importance of and be able to set reasonable expectations for and assess dog’s behavior and progress based on one’s own skills, the dog’s experience, and the surrounding situation.  Each dog and their human are at different skill levels. While one dog may be able to sit in a very distracting environment another might need extra help achieving that goal. In this course you will learn how to work at the level of your dog in any given situation.
  • Problem Solving
    Be able to apply class learning to teach additional behaviors and problem solve positive approaches to real life situations.


Basic Manners Adult Dog Class  is a series class and is perfect for those dogs that need a refresher course of all the basics and much more. This class runs for 7 weeks including a two hour class orientation and the cost $160.00 which includes workbook and clicker.  If you are a returning student from our basic puppy manners class and you enroll in or adult dog class you receive a $20.00 discount. Contact us for class times and orientation schedule.