Intermediate/Advanced Manners Dog Training Classes – Take Your Dog Training to the Next Level.

Train your dogs with Friends for Life dog training positive training techniques that work. Sign up for our Intermediate Dog Manners 6 week Training Class for only 160.00 for new students and 140.00 for returning students

The next class is scheduled to start Thursday October 1st at 6 pm. Class size is limited to 5 dogs.

Intermediate manners
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Friends For Life Dog Training LLC Intermediate Manners class is perfect for those students that have completed a basic dog training manners course and want to brush up on their skills and take their training to the next level.  This is a 6 week class that combines games with distractions that will challenge you and your dog in a very fun way. Class size is limited to 5 dogs and is for dogs that have completed a basic manners class. 

What makes good training so effective

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Great relationships
  3. Knowledgeable team
  4. Clear goals
  5. Communication
  6. Good timing
  7. Lack of punishment
  8. Compassion for the learners both animals and their humans

1 This class is based on life-long goals for students and their dogs this class is intended to help students:

  • Build effective relationships with their dogs based on effective interspecies communication, thus:
  • increasing the bonds between owners and their dogs; through interactive games in fast paced fun environment.
  • avoiding the rise of unwanted behaviors and the use of punishment due to human misunderstanding of the needs, desires, and intentions of dogs;
  • avoiding the rise or reinforcement of unwanted behaviors due to poor human to dog communication
  • Build on the foundation you learned in Basic dog manners class

2 Choose a positive, problem solving approach when faced with new challenges or situations over their dog’s lifetime

Course Goals

To support the Life Long Goals, every detail of this course is built around achieving the following course goals.

By the end of this course, students will know:

  • Situational Awareness
    Understand the importance of and learn to always be aware of one’s surroundings, and be ready to respond proactively as needed to keep dogs and humans safe and comfortable.
  • Work at the Dog’s Level
    Understand the importance of and be able to set reasonable expectations for and assess dog’s behavior and progress based on one’s own skills, the dog’s experience, and the surrounding situation.  (Criteria setting, proofing, and rate are built into the exercises designed to teach this goal.)
  • Problem Solving
    Be able to apply class learning to problem solve positive approaches to real life situations. We will be taking field trips to practice what you learn in class.  Be prepared to have fun.
Intermediate Manners Dog Class is perfect for those students that have completed a basic dog training manners course and want to brush up on their skills and take their dog training to the next level. This class runs for 6 weeks and the cost $160.00  *If you are a returning student from our basic manners class and you enroll in or intermediate dog class you receive a 10% discount. Contact us for class times and orientation schedule.
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