Whistle recall class. Check back soon for the next class date.



Learn the fundamentals of using a whistle to get your dog to reliably come when called.  Teaching your dog to come when called can save their life in an emergency. 

You’re probably here either because your dog needs to learn to come when called or because the dog that wouldn’t leave your heels as a puppy now has selective hearing and only comes when they feel like it. This class is for you.

Maybe you have the dog that hears “come” at the dog park and immediately run’s in the other direction. Or perhaps your charming Spot turns his brain off in the presence of squirrels or other distractions.  This class is for you.

In short, if you sometimes feel worried that your dog won’t come when you really need him to, this class is the foundation to putting that worry to rest. This 6 session class will cost 160.00.  All classes will be held outdoors in a big area

We will teach you the five important rules for a reliable come when called using a whistle.

1 Your dog will learn to come when called around distractions such as other dogs, people, and new environments.

2 You will learn proven positive training techniques that your dog will love and look forward to.

3 learn what is reinforcing and what is not reinforcing to your dog depending on the situation or environment.

4 Have peace of mind when your dog is off leash or at the dog park and you have an appointment to get too and don’t have time to chase your dog all over the place to get him.

5 last but not least you will have fun with your dog learning new skills by playing games that encourage your dog to come when called.

Requirements for the class. 

The dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people as part of the class will be spent playing with other dogs. 

Students will supply their own dog whistles. Here is a link to a great whistle. https://www.amazon.com/ACME-211-5-Acme-Working-Whistle/dp/B000P5Q1YY/ref=sr_1_8?tag=thelabsit-20&s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447668788&sr=1-8&keywords=dog+whistle&refinements=p_72%3a2661618011#customerReviews