Dog Walking Services.


Friends for life dog training is very pleased to announce a new service to our community.  We will now be offering dog walking for new customers and existing clients. We know that sometimes you just do not have the time in the day to be able to give your dog a good walk which is what every dog needs to have an enriched life. You can be assured that your dog will be kept safe as well as having fun while on their walk.  We prefer harnesses for your dog as they are a safe way to make sure the walk goes well.  Before we take you and your dog on as a client a consultation will be required to make sure we get to know you and your dogs specific needs. If there are any specific medical or behavior challenges that your dog may have it is important that we evaulate your dog to make sure we have all the basics covered. We offer different types of walks for your dog that range from a neighborhood walk to an adventure walk on one of the many great trails in our area.  If your dog is reactive to other dogs or people we can still accomidate that as well by adding a training session to the walk that will be covered at the consultation.  


We have years of experience as trainers as well as dog walking. We only use positive based training as well as non aversive training equipment to walk your dog.  We do not use prong collars, choke chains or shock collars in training or walking.  If you are currently using any of the above we would be happy to talk with you about trying a new approach.  We have been in the Central Oregon community for almost 30 years with over 20 years operating our dog training business.  We can supply references on request.  If you need your dog walked you could not choose a better friend for your dog than Friends For Life dog Training and dog walking.  Our area of operation is Terrebonne, Crooked River Ranch, Redmond and Bend.  Please call us today to reserve a spot at 541-350-2869.  You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Rates are as follows.  We will pick your dog up for their walk.

30 minute walk 35.00

1 hour walk 60.00

Adventure walk 75.00

If training or behavior modification is required we charge and additional fee for training time.