Friends for life dog training special events and workshops

Longline Leash skills class Saturday August 29th at 9 am at the Redmond Fairgrounds.  

This is a free long line leash skills class for students of friends for life dog training and the general public that want to learn effective skills for the long line.  Using a long lone to walk your dog is a great way to encourage exploring, searching and enrichment for your dog.  We will focus on how to use the long line in a variety of different situations you might encounter with your dog while on a walk.  These skills will help you feel more comfortable using the long line for reactive dog behavior, using a long line for a recall and much more.  We will have lines for sale at the workshop.  This is a non dog event so please do not bring your dog to this workshop.  If you would like a spot for the class email Dennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. last class we had 22 people which included dog walkers, shelter volunteers and trainers and everyday dog parents.